Cat And Dog Boarding in Troy, MO

Good old Dad had an adage for every occasion. His all-time favorite? "You get what you pay for." That was painfully true the time you hit your neighbor up to pet sit while you were out of town and came home to an escaped cat and a depressed dog. Call Dapper Dog in Troy, MO next time. Our cat and dog boarding areas will keep your pets safe, sound and happy, for a price that's the cat's meow! 
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How we keep our campers happy

At Dapper Dog, we offer two options for dog boarding: Bark Park Stay-and-Play, where your dog will interact with other boarders and day care participants, or Private Boarding, for animals who are not spayed or neutered, or who have aggression issues. Prior to boarding, every dog is given a thorough pre-screening to determine which option would suit them best, including: 
  • Hands-on meet-and-greet to evaluate dog’s response to physical touch
  • One-on-one introduction with other regular Park Players
  • Slow introduction into open-play environment
If your pet shows any aggressive tendencies, he or she will automatically be placed in private boarding. Our strict policies are a key reason Dapper Dog customers are so loyal. If your dog has issues, we recommend Defiant Dog Training and Rehabilitation to bring them under control, so they can hopefully qualify for Bark Park boarding in the future.

Burn, baby, burn

Is your dog hyper? Does she get into mischief whenever you leave the house? Like two-legged kids, four-legged kids need physical activity to stay grounded. That can be hard to do when you're cooped up in a confined space all day. At Dapper Dog's famous Bark Park, your dog can run, jump, play and burn off excess energy with members of his own species in a safe, friendly environment. For half a day, or a full day, when you pick your dog up from day care, he'll be ready to spend quiet quality time with you.
Treating puppies
Haircuts for puppies

Cleanliness is next to dogginess

When your pet is dirty, you know it. So does everyone who comes to your house. Get your social life back. Bring your dog to Dapper Dog for grooming. Our grooming packages include: 
  • Haircuts- Includes 2 baths, nail trim, ear cleaning and anal gland expression (upon request) and haircut determined at your consultation
  • Baths- 2 baths, nail trim, and ear cleaning with a light brushing (pets' coats MUST be in an acceptable condition for this service)
  • Bath and Deshed- 2 baths, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression (upon request) and a service to remove the dead coat to help relive shedding
"Thank you for easing our minds!"  - Melissa, G., Facebook
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