Haircuts- Includes 2 baths, nail trim, ear cleaning and type of hairstyle determined at your consultation. We offer many fun options such as Asian Fusion. Ask your stylist!

Bath- 2 baths, nail trim, and ear cleaning with a light brushing. (pet's coat MUST be in an acceptable condition for this service)We will refuse this service if your pet is matted or their coat is too tightly packed.  It is not recommended for  double coated dog. We highly recommend our Shed Defender service!

Shed Defender- 2 baths, nail trim, ear cleaning, and Shed Defender service to remove dead coat, condition healthy coat and help relieve shedding. Light trimming to tidy up appearance.


Extra Services. We have a large list of additional services. Please check out our Extra Services Menu!

We have 2 locations to serve you.
Dapper Dog Grooming & Boarding                             Dapper Dog Grooming and Depot
417 John Deere Dr                                                         299 Salt Lick Rd
Troy Mo, 63379                                    And                    St. Peters Mo, 63376
636-462-1970                                                                   636-634-1307